Sustainability Report

With the transformation of our business model as a producer of PV cells and modules, we also make sustainability our number 1 priority. 

Our goal is not only to produce the best and most sustainable solar modules on the planet, but also to be a truly green company and to influence the industry with pioneering sustainability standards and benchmarks.”
Gunter Erfurt, CEO

We aim to become the leading PV company in the world. Sustainability naturally is an integral part of Meyer Burger’s business. Consequently, we always strive to implement the most sustainable solutions in our ongoing operations. This report reflects on the progress made during 2020 and shows the high ambitions we set for ourselves in the near future.

Acting in harmony with the environment and respecting societal values, it is most important to us to use natural resources carefully. Currently, certain resources are specially generated and used in the manufacturing process of solar cells and modules. It is our goal to adopt the principles of a circular economy – reuse, share, repair, refurbishment, remanufacturing and recycling – in order to eliminate waste, pollution and carbon emission to the greatest possible extent.