Sustainability Report

This sustainability report 2022 provides an overview of Meyer Burger´s products, services, and business model. It then outlines the company's general approach to sustainable management, which is overseen by its highest governance body. The largest section of the report consists of a comprehensive overview of Meyer Burger's impact on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) topics. Utilizing the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as the standard, this report accurately references GRI topics and provides a clear, transparent view.

“We want to turn climate change into a climate opportunity by enabling the generation of clean energy and speeding up the energy transition. – We want everybody to internalize that Meyer Burger is about sustainability and that we are pursuing a common goal, which means we want to do something good for this Earth and limit climate change.”
Katja Tavernaro, Chief Sustainability Officer of Meyer Burger

Meyer Burger is committed to sustainable practices and has implemented a Code of Conduct to outline how they do business and maintain a policy of honesty and quality of services. The company’s economic impact encompasses procurement practices, employment practices, and working conditions. The positive environmental impacts of Meyer Burger are significant. For instance, emissions have been reduced through local production in Germany, and using cutting-edge technologies to decrease energy consumption.

The company has established high goals for sustainability and pursued them throughout 2022. With a goal of becoming a leading PV company worldwide, Meyer Burger is a key player in the global effort towards sustainability.